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Class Requirements

PowerPoint Project ..........................20%
HTML Project .................................20%
Macromedia Director........................20%
Homework/Portfolio ........................20%
Final Exam .......................................20%

Bulletin Description

Surveys the interrelationship of state-of-the-art communication, and computer technology. Hardware, software and system design issues in the multimedia presentation of information. Multimedia standards. Audio and video compression techniques. Hypermedia database systems. Programming and the use of multimedia authoring systems. Survey of representative hypermedia applications.

Note: This course is considered to be a senior level elective. It is expected that the student will devote a significant amount of time out of class to research, programming and project activities.

Week Date Assignment
1 02/04/08 MM Chapter 1, Essay Quiz 3
MM Chapter 2, Essay Quiz 2
2 02/11/08 Begin working on the PowerPoint Project
MM Chapter 3, Essay Quiz 4
MM Chapter 9, Essay Quiz 1 and 3
3 02/18/08 MM Chapter 10, Essay Quiz 2
MM Chapter 15, Essay Quiz 1
4 02/25/08 MM Chapter 16, Essay Quiz 3
MM Chapter 17
MM Chapter 18. Essay Quiz 1
5 03/03/08 MM Chapter 4
MM Chapter 5
6 03/10/08 Portfolio Review due (Contains answers to exercises and PowerPoint project)
Begin working on the Director Project
MD Chapters A - D
Create a written specification for your project Review MM Chapters15 and 16
(Concept, Design, and functional specification)
7 03/17/08 MM Chapter 6
MM Chapter 11
MD Chapters E - H
8 03/24/08 MM Chapter 7
MD Chapters I - L
9 03/31/08 MM Chapter 8
Continue implementation of Director Project
10 04/07/08 MM Chapter 12, Essay Quiz 3
Continue implementation of Director Project
11 04/14/08 MM Chapter 13
Complete Macromedia Director Project
12 04/28/08 MM Chapter 14, Essay Quiz 1
Begin working on HTML Project
13 05/05/08 Assignment
14 05/12/08 Complete HTML Project
15 05/22/08
Final Examination
Portfolio Due (Contains answers to exercises, PowerPoint project, Director Project, and HTML Project)

- MM = Multimedia: Making it Work, 7th edition, Tay Vaughn, McGraw Hill, 2008

- MD = Macromedia Director MX

Portfolio - All homework essays, PowerPoint, Director, and HTML screen shots, source code, projects and media are to be neatly organized in a looseleaf which will be reviewed in week 6 and collected and graded at the final exam.

PowerPoint - Choose a thesis. Create a multimedia PowerPoint presentation, consisting of a minimum of 10 slides, presenting your thesis. Submit your printouts and diskettes in a folder. Use the export facility of PowerPoint to create a freestanding presentation.

Macromedia Director. Create an animated Macromedia Director project. Your project may consist of an animated advertisement, portfolio/resume, small computer game, animated storybook, etc. Submit the initial written specification of your project (completed in week6). You project must consist of at least one Lingo script and contain multiple media types including music, graphics, video and sprite animations. Submit all components of your project, printouts of each major stage, as well as a completed projector.

HTML Project - Choose a theme (not your home page) and create a series of multimedia HTML pages illustrating your ideas. Be sure to include various multimedia elements. Submit printouts of each page, the url of the page (if it is mounted on a server) and diskettes in a folder. Be creative!

Note: All software is to be submitted on either USB Thumb Drives or on CD-R. Floppy disks will not be accepted.

Revised: 01/18/08

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